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Artist Statement

Artistic Vision

Inspired by the painting series "Out of Your Mind"

All I am as an artist comes through the combination of encounters with life's experiences and my personal search for ways to relate them through art. I see art as an invitation to investigate what’s all around me and translate the interesting or important parts into a visual medium using shapes, lines and colors.

I have gained an appreciation for the dynamic interplay of the little things that the human mind uses to create recognition of objects and how even incomplete visual information can form complete images in our mind. Because of this, my art depends more on the obscure than on the obvious. This, I believe, has increased the dynamic power of the images I make.


This dynamic power has given a strong, distinctive voice to my work. That work is composed of many small elements which then form into more complex shapes which often are involved in relentless compositional motion. To more fully appreciate these paintings, time and thoughtfulness becomes the key.

My aim is to provide you with dizzying journeys that will provide a spark for your imagination to draw you in to my art and allow your own curiosity to take you on a journey that creates a personal connection with the art.

David L Friend