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Rules for Usage of This Website

This is the company website for Art and Imagination of David L Friend, and by entering and using this website you are obliged to observe these rules. Art and Imagination of David L Friend and it's assigns are not responsible for content placed on this website by ordinary members: no liability is accepted as the result of any of this content, and no warranty is provided for it.

You must not:
  • post any sexually suggestive content
  • post or link to any pornographic content or use obscene or offensive language (including language designed to avoid the word filter)
  • post any discriminatory content
  • post any dangerous content
  • use the website as a forum for particularly controversial topics, or provoke debates meant to incite discord and hostility.
  • post off-topic or irrelevant material, or post any material multiple times without good reason from the point of view of the staff
  • incite (directly or indirectly) any illegal activity (be it covered by criminal or civil law)
  • post any copyrighted material for which you have no right to do so
  • use this website to advertise or post SPAM. All such unauthorized actions will result in being banned from this website
  • pose as, or wilfully act as, a member of staff
  • attempt to hack into this website
  • use the features of this website to subvert Art and Imagination of David L Friend or staff

External Content

Advertisements are not under the complete control of this site and we do not take full responsibility for their content.

Linked sites are outside the control of us and we disclaim any responsibility for their content.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to:
  • Remove or change posted content as we feel appropriate, with no warnings, explanation or mention.
  • Monitor the usage of this site, including all content, whether publicly viewable or not
  • Change these rules at any time, without warning
  • Ban any guest or member without explanation if any of these rules are deemed to have been violated by the Owner, Admin or staff


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