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A Little Something About My Art Interests and Background.

[NOTE: This blog appeared on this website that was lost due to previous web hosting issue. This was recovered from backup files and is included on this newer website version]

I think I will continue my blog with a little something about my painting interests and background.

I have traditionally painted landscapes and representational art subjects for almost all of my painting life, the sum of which now adds up to 49 years beginning at age 11 and in all those years I have tried to narrow down the influences which propelled into a lifetime of infatuation with art and particularly oil painting but can't nail down just a single event to give credit to but I am aware of several events which have played significant roles in my development as an artist and a human.

The first episode has to do with my earliest memories of school about which I remember running away on the very first day of school. It happened before class when I went up to the first grade teacher with a question, tugging on her skirt I tried to get her attention. I did but she told me to go sit down.

Sit down? What about my question? Well, I had heard enough and was sure this school stuff was not all that good for me. So I just walked on out the door, apparently un-noticed for the time, and walked toward my dad's law office half a mile away. I had gotten three quarters of the way there, all the way to the big intersection within sight of the refuge I sought. There stood, only a traffic light in the way between me and freedom, But here also stood my dilemma, how could I cross the busy intersection without an adult walking with me. I could not.

This dilemma was remedied when a man pulled up in his car next to me as I stood on the sidewalk. He rolled down the car's window and spoke to me. I explained to him how I needed to get across the street to go to my dad's office, "over there", I pointed. I was thinking he was so nice to help me as he opened his door and told me to climb in.

Feeling that in minutes I would be safe at my dad's office, I was happy. The door shut behind me and the man drove away with me …what a treacherous man he turned out to be, stealing away my trust and whisking me back to the school I had walked away from. I had tried to escape but this devious grown-up and co-conspirator along with that teacher-lady who told me to sit down had captured me and put me back in that educational institution. It was to be the beginning of an imprisonment which would last way longer than I would have ever believed.

But, Whatever my feelings about my first day of school trauma are, I am now thankful for some of those school days, for it was there I met Flaker. Flaker was 'assigned' to be my friend by the first grade teacher on the same day I was apprehended. Amazingly, I found that Flaker was a kindred soul and a fellow right brainer, a friend for life. This human connection was inescapable and had been declared, by powers greater than I, to be.

Little did I know that 5 years later Friend and Flaker would be oil painting buddies on the same street and live 2 doors down from each other.

To be continued…