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Counter Intuitive and Illogical

[NOTE: This blog appeared on this website that was lost due to previous web hosting issue. This was recovered from backup files and is included on this newer website version]

Picasso once said, "I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else." and if I may paraphrase this as, the goal and the destination are in reality different places.

You cannot always map out the plans for your life, set sail and arrive where you set out to go per your plan. Sometimes yes, it does happen but I find that, in my life and work, it is more like what Picasso said.

Years ago I discovered sailing, thanks to a birthday gift by my most thoughtful and imaginative wife, and although I never get to go sailing anymore one thing really impressed me about the whole thing. That is, the going there is the most enjoyable part. Not necessarily the arrival but the trip itself. Sailing is a lot of work, you need a craft and wind and intensive hands on work to make your way to your destination and sailing takes a lot more time and personal energy than If you flew or took a motor craft. In many ways sailing is really an illogical way to get somewhere and then once you get there you just want to get back in the boat and sail away somewhere else.

I think painting is that way, I mean for art why not use the computer and process your creativity there? It is faster and more productive and with many programs more 'real' and life-like! Seems logical and cost effective and so this is the way much (most?) 2 dimensional art is made today.

I paint …I like to paint …paint with oils. The process is not stream lined and slick. It is a process and takes lots of time. Some time to paint, some time to dry then paint some more and dry more. Painting is a journey that takes time to do properly.

Talk about a counter intuitive and illogical way to make art (and to make a living) …that would be oil painting in the 21st century. A completely hands on and very personal process. But as in sailing it is the journey …the process and I find that I am almost a slave to it. I know I will get 'there' many times in my journey but I never want to stop going …exploring where ever there is to explore. I don't care if someone was there before me, I want to see and do it myself and experience it firsthand and then go on to the next.

While the world turns each day through the electronic hum of real time connectivity and goes screaming by with mechanical haste …I will be painting with my oils, making my way slowly, quietly and honestly and following the winds of my artistic journey.

Join me by looking through the artwork shown for your enjoyment and pleasure and have your own journey.