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How Do You Do That Thing You Do? (Part 2)

Welcome back, I'm preparing to set out on another voyage of imagination...

So first things first. My studio is in my home and I often think it is on the corner of 'Hey you!' and 'Could you?'. My painting time is valuable but not always safe from interruption... so, I set myself to work during a time when I can 'get lost' and nobody will go looking for me. I want every breath to be used in pursuit of what I am painting without interruption until I am done or at a stopping place. I know this is idealistic and I am interrupted a lot anyway but this is what I aim for.

I usually don't know what I am going to paint when I start (and often while I am painting - sometimes to the end!). It is just simpler that way and it has taken me a long time to recognize this as an aid to painting.

I think it is helpful to know what colors you want to use. I do have colors that I like to work on and it is important to me to be familiar with the properties of a certain palette or multiple palettes. That is colors that you can combine or put next to another one that you like to see playing together. Some colors are like lovers, always beautiful together while others seem to always be aggressive and are ready to fight ...if you use those kind of colors, you may need a referee color or one that can be used as a transition between the clashing colors. There are rules about using color but in my book the only rule is there is no rule if it works ...and it takes time to develop an eye to fully be able to judge that.

Some artists like to start with a white canvas ...but I have always toned mine to some color. I am going to cover all the canvas anyway so why not give myself a boost. The exact under color is a matter of process and experimentation. I think I have a little formula that works for me ...and I'm sticking with that!

One big rule I have is this, don't be afraid to do it. Do what? What you were thinking you should do... was what you did a mistake? Fear no mistakes. Mistakes are what the next masterpiece comes from and maybe what makes the current painting so interesting! I won't say there are no mistakes but I will say you must throw away the fear of making them. It is the only way to move ahead. Mistakes are made and you just have to roll on over them and make the most out of it ...sometimes they become the best part!

One more thing before I start ...I love music! I find music can help me step into 'the zone' where everything will come together very much easier than if It is stone quiet. Some people work well in silence but I prefer music.

Well I am ready to make some marks ... come on back for part 3 and I'll tell you more about how I do that thing I do...