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Making More Friends

[NOTE: This blog appeared on this website that was lost due to previous web hosting issue. This was recovered from backup files and is included on this newer website version]

Well, it's been some time since I added a blog entry here and during that time I have had a few good things happen to me.

For months I have been investigating the local art fairs and festivals to understand the process for selling my artwork through those venues. I say investigating because at this point I am quite late in applying to them in order to participate this year but I now have a better grasp of the equipment and money necessary to 'survive' or at least move in those circles.

In addition to the equipment and money, it looks like you also need a good deal of patience. As I have watched the vendors and general fair goers together there are lots of opportunities to interact and make new friends amongst the crowds. Crowds, yes quite a few people showing up - weather permitting! Crowds of people getting away and doing something different for the weekend …and spending money? Well, that is a question the booth operators might answer definitively better than I can but from my observations it appears the general 'consumer spirit' of the fairgoers, while still alive, seems to be hovering somewhere between the cautious level and the hibernation mark on the 'Buy Now' gauge.

Despite any glimmers of hope occasionally sprinkled over the general population by the politicians and the news media I am believing the sprinkles turn out to be mostly (expired) fairy dust. Those efforts to prop up consumer confidence haven't really sparked that assurance that will make Joe and Jane consumer open wide their wallets or even dig deep into their savings to buy that item …The one that is not necessary for month to month survival.

I happen to know something about that class of economy refugees who seek shelter and stability and are just trying to survive from one month to the next and I have not hidden the fact that my financial life has not been easy over the last few years and that I have had to find ways to stretch our family income beyond what was totally unimaginable only 3 years ago. You can read more about some aspects of this on previous blogs and in other personal entries in this website. The reality is that If it was not for my wife's income and encouragement I would probably be living under a bridge in Seattle.

But in spite of the circumstances this business is being built the old fashion way, one brick after another, little by little, out of pocket and I am hoping to make a difference in my families income through the artistic works you see on this website. And that's where the 'some good things' I mentioned comes in. Last month I was excited to have sold a couple of my paintings to a man in New York. While this is a only a few drops in the bucket to some …To me this is huge and my hope says that full buckets are made up from many drops! As I add more paintings to this website for sale I am anxious for more drops from you to add to my bucket.

Additionally I have extended, on occasion, credit to certain customers I personally know for their projects with the expectation (more than hope!) that more drops will come in to add to that bucket …that is after those customers own bucket gets a few more drops in it so they are able to trickle down some of their own drops back to me. It is all part of doing business, developing trust and trusting.

I want to make more friends here and need to make more sales of my artwork, so if you are curious about certain paintings you might like to buy or need more details about something before you are willing to take that next step please contact me and let me help you in making that decision or, perhaps if you have a project you would like put into a painting, drawing or illustration please also let me know how I can help.