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Not going to open this website on April Fool's Day!

[NOTE: This blog appeared on this website that was lost due to previous web hosting issue. This was recovered from backup files and is included on this newer website version]

I didn't want to open this new website on April 1st, 'April Fools Day' nor did I want to wait all the way till Monday either, so I opened the website late Saturday night on March 31st. Drum roll please …Tada!

So that time came and went, nobody broke down my door to buy my stuff! Surprised? Well probably not, me neither. Never the less, this was my announcement that I am an artist on his journey to make himself known in the 'art world' …not necessarily the bigboy 'Art World' (capitalized) I really just want to make art, enjoy the process and make a living along the way.

The sun rose again this morning, which is good in itself and I've gotten about 800 hits on the website although nothing earthshaking from it yet but while I was scanning the internet for viable ways to expose myself, or rather my art(!) to potential art buyers I came across some possible ways to get some local exposure.

From all the artist's advice I heard, they tell me to start locally and grow from there. So today I sent out responses to several posts on Craigslist to answer their request for wall art to display in their business establishments.

They are probably checking out this website now, even as I write this blog! :lol: I'm sure they will be calling, although it still quiet around here. Huh …I just checked to see if my phone was still working …and yes, it's still fully functioning but no calls yet! O_o I'll keep my ear out for the phone but it's time to do something productive.

That's about it for now, I'm going to go and stretch some more canvas to replace the batch I've already painted on and get ready to create some more 'great' …OK good paintings in the mean time.

Please stop by soon, for another visit.