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So, What Do You Want Out of Me?

Time is an unforgiving taskmaster, a check spent that may not return the investment you anticipated, a gamble that sucks out rather than pours in reward. So some find art as an occupation. For when the time, money, emotion and energy that is put into the leaky jar of art turns out to not be the bank of prosperity that many hope for, the artist can find his place secure in the tomb of despair. Silence greets his joy and very soon the cold winds blow out that candle too.

I can remember so many times gazing at my art, or even gazing at others work and then saying who will not love this? Nay, who will not buy this!! It is so beautiful, it must also be beautiful in someone elses eyes. But as time passes and you have produced lots of artwork, you start to realize that the personal infatuation with that art in your heart, warms your soul much more than it buys fuel for the fire. you may even conclude your works value is maybe better used as fuel for the fire rather than taking up space on your walls or stacked one next to the other against the walls and in boxes. Why do we do it, if not to make a few pennies so we can make more and more of our beloved artwork?

In the pit of despair or at the brink of day we may at last arrive at the conclusion; there must be another reason why we make art. At least that is what has happened to me. Why some people find big money in the sales of art and others who are good artists, just struggle to get by is a difficult question to answer. It is one I have not had answered to my satisfaction.

I live with the ghosts of creativity past, all carefully placed in places where they are not disturbed. Not jostled, rubbed, scratched, bumped or accidentally marred. There they hang and sit, aging, gathering dust like geology developing into strata that define their age.

I was so frustrated with this that in this month of November, on one of my eBay listings I wrote this where the paintings description would ordinarily go;

Description of Painting's Subject

I usually have a blurb here about the painting but I am just going to get a load off my mind ... so here goes:

I painted this little gem tonight (November 9, 2016) and thought, oh great another painting for eBay! I should be excited but honestly I'm a little put off. People say they like my paintings but really I don't sell that many paintings, in fact I am the biggest collector of D L Friend paintings in the world - hands down! I love to paint and all - and would do it more but I don't need another painting and don't have storage space for as many as I want to paint.

Really, I am wondering what other people think of my work? Are you looking for a bargain that is so cheap you you just cant pass it up? Someone offered me $15.00 for a $35.00 painting ...SERIOUSLY? What an insult, I have dignity, in spite of this little rant. I have had special sales on occasion and sometimes that will sell a few paintings but really I don't sell any more on sale than I do at regular price. So who needs sales then? Whether you buy my paintings or not, I will probably paint more anyway just because I like doing it.

I am just frustrated.

Please don't get me wrong because there are some super terrific people I have met on eBay who have bought one or more paintings and I get so happy when that happens -Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who has helped me by buying a painting. You are so appreciated! Really! I know I shouldn't be saying this here and this might turn some people off ...OK I get that.

But I am a real person, some even think of me as a nice person. I'm honest and create a beautiful and quality product. I'm not trying to rip you off by selling you junk. I want you to be as happy with the painting as I am in making it. You are buying my heart and soul and all the years invested in learning my craft as well as a beautiful piece of art that should last a long time.

So now it is getting late and I am posting this new work hoping that it sells quickly and the money from this sale will help cover about half of my overdue electric bill. If you made it through all my comments, thank you for being patient and thank you for at least considering buying my original artwork and its value, both to you and also to me.

I cant really say that anything has changed. The painting is still for sale and on eBay. The electric bill is still months overdue but by God's grace is still on. I am in tears as I write this ...there may be thousands of artists who also feel this way ...and I can vicariously feel your pain and frustration too. I know, my words don't really change our situation but I hope you other artists don't give up.

I haven't given up. That doesn't mean I will necessarily be selling any more paintings than usual. I think it only means I will still be painting another one. I already have too many on the easel now that are not finished ...yet know - half done, pretty close or almost 'there'. And I've started to acquire this taste for painting bigger pieces so I'm preparing another 36"x48" canvas to be the recipient of a lot of attention and time - but where to put it when I'm done ...well?. I know some will like it when it is finished ...but will it become a part of my permanent collection? I guess, only time will tell and I do remember there is a spot in the stairwell if all else fails!

Well I hadn't intended on baring my soul quite like this here but there it is. Thanks for listening and caring.