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The Curious Mind and the Artistic Hand

[NOTE: This blog appeared on this website that was lost due to previous web hosting issue. This was recovered from backup files and is included on this newer website version]

In the last blog I said the stereo typical image of the "Tortured Artist" does not fit me. I did not mean I have never been affected any challenging issues but better said is I have not been cripple by them.

I am, by nature, a quiet person. Unalterably a contemplative and sensitive creature who maintains a questioning and critical eye on everything around me. I have learned to be skeptical and a questioner who will "trust but verify" the proclaimed truths, lies, myths and history that are presented as real, true and solid as the Rock of Gibraltar by the authorities of our time.

With a curious mind and an artistic hand all these traits suit me well to approach timeless subjects as an artist with an opinion and  viewpoint perspective and yet, for most of my life, I have painted tranquil scenes of nature and more recently those benign blendings of color in various abstractions. I think that, being also of a retiring nature, the swords of rebellion and controversy often stay in their sheath while the tools of harmony and coexistence are more often deployed instead. That is how I am and it affects my artwork.

The revelation of my nature must be disgusting to some who seek every opportunity to put others not like themselves in their place by a sharp wag of the tongue and consider it a weakness of character. But I am believing more will see this as a strength and quiet form of power.

To learn and understand, to discern and discover things, especially truths, it is easier to be open and willing to weigh the 'facts' of the matter than to have your mind made up beforehand or to just accept it because it is popular or worse yet because you are too lazy to investigate and verify the real truths.

Sometimes I wish I were more volatile, like a hotly passionate and rash person who just acts without thinking …hah, not really! I am satisfied to be as I am but I do find those people deeply intriguing and interesting. Actually I find most people interesting in some way and I am quite interested in portraying humans as I see them …at least at some future time and hopefully …sooner than later.

For now I am still interested in painting these tranquil scenes of nature and those benign blending of color in various abstractions and plan to be doing more and more but beware below this calm exterior seethes an ocean of unexplored themes and unpainted images waiting for the time when they will be turned loose on the canvas.