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Thanks for Buying My Art!

As much as I value my art for the sake of just making it I realize that that is a very self centered focus so I want to say how important you are in the chain of art. You keep the art from dying on the vine and sitting in a dark corner. You take on the part of caretaker and preserver of the artwork for posterity.

Preparation is vital to long life

Preparation and technical knowledge application are key elements in the start of a successful painting
  Thank you for buying and appreciating my art!

The materials used for to make my art are quality materials that have been combined with the careful artistic work of the artist's hand so they will survive a long life under proper care. This work will be enjoyed and treasured by you and your loved ones for generations to come.

I do not manufacture the art as an assembly line, rather I create each piece of art by my hands using the tools, like brushes, knives, fingers, etc., whatever will add the desired effect I am striving for. Each piece becomes a special and unique piece and a one of a kind work of art. You will not find my art every where and you can only purchase it directly from me or the limited galleries I entrust to help market my work.

I work hard and creatively to produce more of my artwork every year and am hoping to do so for a long time to come ...still in the end, over my lifetime there will be only a limited number of original artworks produced with my own hands, so, I encourage you to pick up those pieces


you like, now, while the artwork is reasonably priced and affordable.

Good art is a solid investment that can reward you in many ways. While it can go way up in value over the years it can also have times when it goes down. Nevertheless I believe that the beauty, color, shapes and images of art that draw you in when as you encounter it and can bond you to that particular piece are as good a reason to purchase art as the investment potential.

Every purchase of art is a very personal experience, so I want to thank you for considering the value of David L Friend artwork because you will be investing in the future value of the artwork as well as bringing present enjoyment to yourself and helping this artist support his family and continue to create the beautiful art you see here.

My sincere thanks to you for buying my art!

David L Friend