Artist Statement


The Artist Statement

It is often the case that an artist will speak in mystical and obscure words to express concepts that leave many to ask, "What does that mean?"

I see this opportunity as a place to inscribe an epitaph on the tombstone, marking the place where the artist rests at the present time.

Born long ago but still the artist. Fascinated and yet frustrated, chasing visions that becken me, "Catch me, if you can!"

You will ask more questions in life than you will discover answers. Never worry about this as long as the horizion is still visible.

Some art is simple but it's meaning is neither clear or simple. Other artwork is complex and confusing like the noise of a crowd. This art requires solitude, silence and time to speak.


Time is neither your friend or your enemy. Like your shadow, it is your companion. Enjoy your time together but keep busy. There is no loyalty in time, it comes and goes. When at last it leaves it will not kiss you goodbye. 

Find purpose in what you do or make what you do useful. If art is your pursuit, do not chase money. Follow that which has meaning and express it publically. Do not be seduced by conceit in your own talents and hard work, neither are really yours and neither will live longer than you… unless your work is the expression of truth.

Embrace those who do not understand or who hate the work you do. These may hold the key to understanding what is the blind spot in your own perceptions… Or they may just hate you? If you love them, you are becoming a better person, do not return their hate.

Love gets better mileage than hate anyway.

David L Friend