Do You Want to Come Back? (part 1)

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Do You Want to Come Back?
(part 1)

The following is very Personal, its not what you might expect to read in an artists blog, but within it, there are some clues to why I am what I am… I have divided it up into 3 parts.

Around 2000 I heard a voice behind me, which said, "Do you want to come back?" I knew Who this was and what it involved…

I was silent for a bit, thinking of how life had been in those days from the past, I was afraid. The more I considered the offer, and what it involved, the more I felt I could not say yes, and I finally responded in my mind saying, "No".

Come Back

You see, I had known something about the Lord from early in my life but what I had known was limited. Now, as I look back, I knew enough about right and wrong to know I was more often wrong than right… and that God couldn't like that about me.. that was the thinking that kept distance between God and me in those early years.

But our life is one day after another of God's intense and intricate attempts to get enough of our attention that we might meet the real God of the Universe.

I finally did come to a complete stop one night after a Christmas party in 1972 or 73, where late into the night, or early in the morning along with a few other friends, the conversation slowed to a place of awkward silence… breaking the silence, I posed a question - as out of the blue I said… "How soon do you think Jesus will come back?"

You might say, where did that come from? Even I ask myself, how did that come out of my mouth…? It was mysterious!

Well each person had a thought, and all were many, many years into the future. When the question returned to me, I said 5 years! It must have started me thinking, because I wasn't practicing any lifestyle Jesus would approve.

I went home that morning pretty sober in thought. Not long after that, I had asked my room mate if he had a Bible, I think he dug one out from somewhere in his room, dusted it off, and handed it to me. I did some reading over the next few hours and somehow, all those mixed up ideas of how God operated began to fall in to place, like a puzzle coming together.

But this time the puzzle picture of God was different and it was melting away the old image of God that had haunted my childhood days. The words that were lost to me earlier were finding a new place in my mind… and heart. I was realizing that God loved me, and I wanted to know how to love Him back.

I felt things were changing. Maybe that was the truth I was discovering about who God is, and who I was, like a seed starting to grow into something?

Even my room mate, who's Bible I had borrowed, was soon on his knees praying, "Lord, well I guess Dave and I are going to try and find you." That man, today, is still my friend. In fact he is a preacher, and has been for many of the 50 plus years that have passed since then! It seems that God was very busy that day.

I have discovered that God is always working things out… at least as far as we allow Him.

(To be continued… Part 2)