Do You Want to Come Back? (part 3)

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Do You Want to Come Back?
(part 3)

(continued from part 2)

Two years of unemployment with no job prospects for a man at my age.

Two years of foreclosure threats.

Strangely, the foreclosure event was being stayed, as one application after another was sent in, to only be rejected.

Two more years passed and more applications, with more rejections. Finally our mortgage company sold the contract to another company, who immediately demanded full payment including penalties and interest in 30 days.


An absolutely impossible situation. The time had come. I had lost all but the last string of hope and I was hanging by that thread while I was whispering silent prayers to a God I had said good bye to fourteen years before.

I had no promises to make. I could only ask.

So, I did ask…

"God, If you can, help me… if you will help - then help! My family and I are facing the end of everything secure we know. Help please… "

And then… this is the place where you realize that God is not gone, He was never gone. He never left, He may have stopped whispering invitations in my ears, but He was still there! Why? I was at a loss. All of a sudden, the "And then" moment when God reveals himself through circumstances comes alive.

The last application for help with our mortgage is accepted.

A few requirements come along with the help offered and I complied. I was told to wait three months. Then, because they are so busy, we waited more months. Finally, it was official. We had been forgiven a large amount of the money owed, our mortgage payment was cut to about 60% of what it had been. and the mortgage company cut the interest rate from 7% to 2%.

God had taken the absolutely impossible situation away and reconfigured all the numbers so that it was now actually possible for us to pay our mortgage and keep our house. Our home was still ours and there was no one to thank more than the God to whom I had been so arrogant as to say NO to.

You don't have an idea of how great God is until you realize, just how small and helpless you really are.

For four years God held the mortgage company at bay. For four years I hadn't paid my mortgage, for four years we had been, as it were, surrounded by the protection of heaven so that I and my family did not loose the security of our home.

This in my mind is that goodness of God spoken of in the bible. That goodness and mercy broke every last heaven resisting bone in my body, leaving me like a warm lump of clay, waiting for the hands of my Maker to make something better out of my life.

And He has and is working every day to help me in my daily struggles. Helping me to know Him and His purpose better each day. I have discovered how intimately personal this relationship is and how absolutely vital it is to guard the commitment to spend meaningful time with Jesus each day. I have found Him to be my Best Friend, and most faithful and constant Companion.

…and He has promised that what He starts, He will finish. This is my belief and why I am, what I am today.