Where does the time go?

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Where does the time go?

In our house we do not have cable anymore. For some time has been the case. Cable just got too expensive.

My eldest son set us up with some live streaming options. My wife and I seem to be watching YouTube a lot lately. Its amazing what is on there. I often wonder how some of this gets online? I guess because because they can… and because so many people will watch it!

Maybe that is the most amazing part… that we will and do watch.

Green Screen

Who would have ever thought that people mowing lawns and doing yard work could gather so large an audience. I'm talking about those channels that offer videos of people cleaning up abandoned or run down properties. Free yard work that helps nice neighborhoods with one or two not so nice yards regain their collective dignity.

Apparently, numbers of enterprising people have been able to make enough income off making videos available online on places like YouTube, that they can do hard work, work that takes lots of sweat (and sometimes blood and tears too), and end up having done a good deed done for some in-need homeowners.

Some of these YouTube channel titles are, SB Mowing, The Boring Channel, Lawn Care Juggernaut, Al Bladez, Blessing Boys, and I'm sure there are host of others doing altruistic yard care for distressed properties and often hopeless or even deceased homeowners.

All this is TV shock for someone like me who had been used to network programing and big name cable endorsed shows.

While videos of lawn care might shock my old school TV heart, it is also refreshing and I like it!

There are (of course) on the other end of the spectrum, much available, where the kind acts and generous motives are completely thrown out the window. These 'do unto others as you would want them to do to you' people, are replaced by video documented criminal acts at every level of lawlessness.

Again exposure to these channels easily produced that TV shock I had mentioned before, and although this genre of channel is closer to the old days of watching the news on TV, it is often unedited and presented online raw. The difference is that it is often without much of the biased editorial comment I was used to on traditional TV or cable.

From high speed police chases that would leave the Dukes of Hazzard in the dust… and that usually ends with a Pit maneuver… to the DUI's self-centered, blustery, confused and slurred defense, which never prevents their arrest and booking… to the typical protest of, 'What did I do?' being asked asked by the serial shoplifter up until - and even after' they have been confronted by the store video confirming their little crime spree.

Perhaps near the top of my favorites list are the courtroom video dramas which are available in ample supply.

One in particular, Texas 187th District Court Judge Stephanie Boyd, who can be viewed on a number of channels on YouTube. She is a tough, no nonsense, but fair and reasonable representative of the US legal system.

If there is one thing that comes into question about the US Judaical system today… it is - can you find real justice anywhere anymore? While we all form our own conclusions, and those may not agree together… seeing Judge Boyd in action gives me some degree of hope. A bit of confidence that I didn't get on TV's Judge Judy or other spinoff, copy cat, pseudo court room dramas.

Right in the middle of the extremes of YouTube is Joe and Nic's Road Trip. Where you can travel across the US with this couple, visiting state capitals, cities and towns, both big and small with commentary and statistics that never seem to lapse into the uncomfortable silence of a long distance trip. They make you feel like you are with friends. I guess this is why we keep coming back for more. Its a big country when seen one town at a time and their videos are much more interesting than the travel logs of my olden days.

I'm not totally sure why I'm dong this particular blog on this particular subject, but this is part of the hum-drum of my off time life… and there does seem to be a lot of down for me time lately.

I guess one conclusion I've gotten from all this is, that all these things on YouTube, which exhibit such a extreme variety of interests… and some of these might be akin to watching paint dry! Still, they can and do, capture our interests and take up our time… we sit or stand, or even lay down and surrender so much in order to vicariously spectate on someone else's activities.

I wonder if this is like that old saying, which I'm going paraphrase a bit… 'Life is what happens while you are busy watching other people live their lives'.

It just occurred to me… would the YouTube audience enjoy videos of you or me… on our phones or in front of our TV's or computers, watching someone else's videos… videos of other people, doing things?

…Well it's probably already been done… and then I ask myself… 'Where's all the time gone?'