You Made It! (and so did I)

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You Made It! (and so did I)

Well, the main work of clearing out a sewing room for my wife is done. I've used the word 'remodeling' loosely to describe what was really clearing out my sons stuff (who moved to Arizona) from his old room. I can't believe how much stuff he accumulated!

There is still the painting of the room to do, but for now my wife has been able to move her sewing things into her new room. So that leaves me free to return to my studio and get back to work.

Working on my website

First thing I did was ask myself, whats next? Where do I start again? The answer was where did you leave off before all these distractions?

Yes, of course… back to the website!

So here I am now, trying to get that website up, running and open.

You know, its been very easy, to find other things to do - I've been working on this (some on and a lot off) for a few years now, but let me be clear, not all the reasons for the sites delay were me being lazy. After all, life goes on and some things needed to be done first… so its not all my fault… really.

But now… maybe I can make a run for the finish line with this (although, as I've gotten older, its aparent I'm not that good at running).

Right here, if I may, I would like to point out a few things for that time when this site is opened and you are browsing through it? I hope that was a yes(?) In the Available Art Gallery, one thing I hope you will notice, the website pages have been linked to where you can go and immedietely purchase the painting! I am hoping this will be as exciting to you as it is to me!!

Another thing you will see is that the listings for Available Art have been placed in individual galleries that are cataloged by their sizes. Those sub-galleries are set up to make selection of a suitable piece of artwork a little easier on the basis of the longest measurement in inches.

Small Paintings (11" or less),
Medium Small Paintings (11 to 16")
Medium Painting (17" to 23")
Large Painting (24" to 39")
Larger Paintings (more than 39")

Beyond this I am trying to be better at adding to the blogs. They are not daily, they are not weekly… but maybe coming closer to a couple or three a month. Hopefully I'll find the disipline to add the blogs on a regular basis… or not? Remember I'm an artist, even though I really don't want to use that as an excuse.

I guess we'll see?

At least if your reading this, the websight must have been finished be declared open to the public!

…and, if so, "Welcome to a little part of my world."